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This is universal and it applies to the world of business. For one to be successful in the world of business as an entrepreneur, one must be able to master the behaviors that makes up the attitude “ENTREPRENEURSHIP”. One must be able to live at the level where entrepreneurship becomes inbuilt and emanates from him/her. You should reach the height where the attitude called ENTREPRENEURSHIP becomes your attitude! The following characters builds the Altitude of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

  • PROFIT DRIVEN(But this has a caution! sign.)

In the nut shell, these are the characters required to brew the attitude of entrepreneurship. The truth, every characters and skill like people management, precision in decision-making(This is another deep character born from the ability to study the market and draw valuable conclusions and make speedy decisions on what to do next.), persistency, passion driven, goal oriented and profit driven, are encapsulated in self-control.

I will clarify the last character “PROFIT DRIVEN” and why I said this character has a caution sign! Granted, it is fact that we all go into business or start-up an enterprise with the aim of making profit. Everyone has that in mind; but placing it at the table of your mind, as paramount, would be a problem and tend to frustrate you when the business is not yielding profit as expected. Every business has a break even point(A point when all investment tends to yield returns as long as those investments are properly managed). The break even point of different business varies and it will do you do to know the point where returns would start coming to you from your business and patiently build your business till that point.

SELF CONTROL :  From my own perspective, I would say that self-control entails one having an understanding and knowledge of one’s self with respect to his/her environment and thus acting according. In this context, the ENVIRONMENT includes both animate(human inclusive) and inanimate factors that influences the order of daily occurrences. Once one has been able to control his/herself, people tend to respect you. By default, they start trusting you enough to be able to control or guide them too. This is a very valuable asset in the business world. People are looking for leaders every where; they are looking for who to lead them through their uncertainties. They will only turn to the one whom they feel that he/she has been able to find the way. That see you as such when self-control emanates from your person. They place themselves in your sphere of influence. So you see that self-control comes with a bonus pack of placing you in the position of influence?!

At this point, you are now a people’s person and would require a skill I call “PEOPLE MANAGEMENT”. You are would meet a lot of people during your life as an entrepreneur and would be faced with the task of making sure they are momentarily satisfied (on the customer bases: because it is a fact that man is satisfied only for a moment) or get the best out of others(employee base). You have to know the behavioral pattern of different people and know how to handle them.

Take note, there is another essential character to be exhibited by one in order to brew the successful entrepreneur in him/her; and it is:

INTEGRITY: This helps to build a good business REPUTATION. A very valuable asset in the draws of every entrepreneur.

Soon coming is the topic: THE CUSTOMER

Always remember, your business is and extension of your life.

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