Entrepreneurship has been the safe haven for the economy of every country of the world today. In the bid to enjoy the promise of an accelerated rate of economic development, every wise nation has encouraged entrepreneurship; majorly small scale in order to encourage a large percentage of their citizens to engage themselves with an economic activity which will help themselves (the citizens) and in turn the country as a matter of the greater picture ideology.

Just in case you are not clear on what the word ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP’ is; which I do not believe, here is a simple definition of what entrepreneurship is:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP entails the responsibility of starting up a business, running it and making sure that business stays in the market (Sustaining the business). Of course only a properly run business would stand the test of time. One who sets up, runs and sustains a business is called and ENTREPRENEUR.

If you followed our last lesson, you would have had the understanding that LIFE is BUSINESS and Entrepreneurship is the igniting spark of business. It is the attitude that drives out the business ideas that turns into a business company, a business empire! Not only it is the initiator of the idea that starts an enterprise, it also includes some other characters; self control(for when you have successfully controlled yourself, you can control anybody or thing), Patience in study, Precision and swiftness in decision making and action taking. You can see that ENTREPRENEURSHIP involves the combination of different positive behavioral patterns; that is why I call it an ATTITUDE.

What is an attitude? An attitude is like a chain made up of different blocks interlock into each other, with each block represents a particular kind of character. These individual blocks arises as a response to specific external or internal stimuli. This is why you cannot find one human on the face of the earth responding the same way to every sort of treating he/she receives! Though there are default response; just like insult me and I will feel bad (Angry,sober etc.) and praise me, I will feel good(proud,happy,important etc.) It is this different chains of behavior that forms the Attitude; and mind you, behaviors are as a result of what you believe to be true over time. You can see the correlation between ENTREPRENEURSHIP and ATTITUDE now right!

Like I said before, ENTREPRENEURSHIP is an encapsulation of various positive behavioral patterns, that makes it what it is; AN ATTITUDE!

Now, we are going to be looking at the various behavioral patterns that makes Entrepreneurship an attitude. Take note, the tool for imbibing any good and valuable character is DISCIPLINE.

off we go to study these behaviors!

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