I call it The castor oil recipe.

In growing a healthy hair, one has to follow some daily routine, using castor oil mixed with either of the following oils.

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Jojoba oil

The mixture should be done in a half-half ratio(by this I mean equal quantity of both oils should be mixed).

One may want to ask why we should mix the castor oil with another type of oil; the answer is this. Castor oil is a very vicious oil(thick). In other to reducing its viscosity, we have to mix it with a less viscous oil hence enabling the mixture penetrate easily into the scalp when it is applied.

After creating the mixture, you apply on your scalp in circular motion. Application in this manner enhances penetration into the scalp.

Next step is to take a warm towel and wrap around your head for two to six hours. The warmth of the towel enhances further penetration of the castor oil into the scalp. It is advised that you use two or more towels to enable switching when one gets cold.

After two to six hours, remove the towel and then wash your scalp thoroughly with shampoo.

Dry your hair and you are done!

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