Managing IDEAS!


I start by saying this; Ideas are known to be the igniting spark that lights the fire of any business. Every business is born in the womb of an idea. The status of a business is determined by the quality of the idea that birthed the business. The word quality in the previous sentence does not mean the idea has to be something absolutely new, but it could be a new and better way of attending to a need. Never forget the little things you know how to do can be done in great ways! Paraphrasing the great Mother Teresa. All you need do is look for the unique way you could trade, serve and at the same time be paid for what you do! The uniqueness of your idea give you and edge in the highly competitive market.

The funny truth is this; everyone has an idea on how a particular problem is solved, how to do some thing in an unconventional way, how to manage resources and so on. The list on the “HOW TO” is endless if I should go on naming. But my question is this; “If everyone has an idea, what is stopping us from turning our ideas into businesses that would pay?” I have made some brain storming researches and found out some interest facts about the way we handle our ideas and I am going to treat this now.

The problem with the conversion of ideas to businesses are:

  1. We down look our ideas.
  2. We do not have an IDEA on how to develop our IDEAS.
  3. We fail to inter-link our ideas (No one has just one idea).
  4. The pessimistic approach to uncertainties; leading to Procrastination.

Once we have been able to tackle these issues, we would be on the right path to managing our ideas and turning them to a profitable venture.

I know someone is mumbling within.”He just successfully list possible ¬†issues of idea management, what about their solutions”. You will be kept in the know, which is just a line away

Looking down on your ideals.

This may be as a result of a poor self-esteem. Placing low value on one’s self. You would need to start believing in yourself and your dreams. Find a place where you are appreciated. But if you are not in such an environment, my message for you is this; you really do not need anyone to believe in you or want you can be apart from you. You are all you need to be who you want to be. So start building confidence in yourself. Just to remind you; the best way to build confidence is to acquire KNOWLEDGE!¬†With knowledge, you always have something to offer. So you always are relevant and respected. Knowledge has a way of increasing the value you place on yourself and everything that comes out of your mind (Your ideas included).

Now we should always see the greatness in every idea we have and will ever have. There is no such thing as a little idea. Even if you called an idea little, there are great ways to execute them uniquely.

So you got the idea……….. build your confidence!

Developing your ideas.

I don’t know if you have heard about developing your IDEAS, but it is the conversion point of most ideas into full-time businesses that rule the market. I will always say “Ideas are like the breath, life of any business and capital is the food. Of what use is the food when there is no life?” Businesses may stand as a result of the availability of capital, but will die when there is no idea. So the most important element for starting and sustaining a business is AN IDEA!

Ideas needs to be worked upon. They need to be developed, trying to relate them to the available market(talking about their relevance) and building a system that the idea would operate on to make it reach it’s intended target. When I say system, I mean a business plan, a structure for the idea. One thing is necessary to know. Businesses are made up of two kinds of ideas which I would call the SPINE and the RIBS. Take note there is no ‘s’ at the back of the SPINE, but there is an ‘s’ at the back of the RIBS. You will understand where I am going to few sentences from here.

Now the SPINE is more like the center piece, the mother idea that serves as the foundation of your business. It includes the WHAT your business is about. While the RIBS are those supporting ideas that tends to make the services you offer, interesting,unique and fun. The RIBS are important because they give you the “stayability”(I know that’s not an English word) your business needs in the highly competitive market. The both form the RIB-CAGE path of your business. Yes they are other parts like the mobility part ARMS AND LEGS (Getting your business to a large variety of audience; said jokingly, but it’s fact) that will be needed to complete your full business body frame. All this plans and structuring needs to be put in place in order to give your business the boost it needs to become a reality.

Inter-link your IDEAS.

Some many people have different ideas on their minds; that they get confused on which one to follow. If that is the case with you, you need to sit down and see how these your numerous ideas can gel together. If you are having contrasting ideas, am sorry to say this bitter truth; it points to this direction”You are probably confused about purpose and need to redefine what you stand for and what you want to leave for”.

To be able to understand what I mean, I will use an analogy:

A man knows how to talk very well, has brilliant idea on graphic and is passionate about it. The idea comes to him that he should try out organizing seminars or record videos of himself teaching and selling. On a second taught he sees that recording the video is nice and would sell more if he sell at his seminar. He also known how to make snacks! So he could sell some of his snacks during the break time of his seminars and even advertise them(That is if they are well packaged; this should be one of the things to look out for when developing your idea, PACKAGING).

Though making of snacks may not be in the same line of the media thing,but this guy has successfully drafted an inter-linking plan to accommodate all his idea!

The pessimistic approach to uncertainties

This could be easily dealt with by a change of mentality and a mastery of RISK. You can go read the post on RISK MANAGEMENT to get the knowledge therein. That lesson should help anyone clear from their heart the mentality of always seeing the downside of every venture. Every business has it risk and only risk taker really do well in business.

The Pessimistic mentality is responsible for most ideas never worked upon, the fear failing. Fear really is a killer of destinies. This in turn make people postpone what they should have done now to a later time that they feel will be appropriate for what needs to be done now, to be done. Funny enough this time may never come. The question I ask you if you are in this group is this “IF NOT NOW, WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU TO START TURNING YOUR IDEAS FROM THOUGHTS INTO REALITY, FROM DREAMS INTO BUSINESSES THAT WOULD EARN YOU MONEY“. I am waiting for you answer.


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